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22 May 1990
Slovak Republic
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ac/dc, amy pond, anastacia, angel, angel coulby, arthur pendragon, arthur/gwen, bela talbot, blake lively, books, bradley james, breaking benjamin, brittany pierce, brittany snow, buffy, castiel, cheryl cole, chord overstreet, chuck, colin morgan, danneel harris, daughtry, david cook, david tennant, dean winchester, dianna agron, doctor who, ed westwick, eleventh doctor, fall out boy, fanfiction, food, genevieve cortese, glee, graphic, guinevere, harry potter, heather morris, ian somerhalder, icons, internet, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, karen gillan, katie cassidy, katie mcgrath, katy perry, lady gaga, lauren cohan, linkin park, lisa/dean, matt smith, merlin, misha collins, morgana le fay, music, one tree hill, photoshop, queer as folk, quinn fabray, reading, rose tyler, ruby, sam evans, sam winchester, sleeping, supernatural, tenth doctor, the pussycat dolls, tiësto, twilight saga, within temptation, writing
the girl
Jane. 20. Living in a heart of Europe. Student of English and Civics. Sarcastic. Drama Queen. Partly optimistic. Mostly realistic. Fangirl. Graphic freak. TV series addicted. Unofffical translator of SPN subtitles for Slovak SPN site. Gemini. Favourite day is Saturday. Do not like removing nail polish. Like chips, cream cake with banana and chocolate, pistachios. Owner of dean_lisa_love, the first LJ community for Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden relationship from Supernatural.
Supernatural. Merlin. Doctor Who. Glee. One Tree Hill. Angel. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Queer as Folk. Harry Potter. The Twilight Saga. Jensen Ackles. Bradley James. Jared Padalecki. Ian Somerhalder. Misha Collins. Chord Overstreet. Cory Monteith. Danneel Harris. Brittany Snow. Katie Cassidy. Karen Gillan. Genevieve Cortese. Dianna Agron. Heather Morris. Daughtry. Katy Perry. Breaking Benjamin. Lady Gaga. The Pussycat Dolls. Glee Cast. Within Temptation. Linkin Park. Fall Out Boy. AC/DC. Paul van Dyk. Tiësto. David Cook.
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